Corporate Profile

PT Elnusa Trans Samudera is a subsidiary of PT. Elnusa Tbk., the only national company which possesses the competency in oil and gas services sector utilizing global alliance strategy with world-class oil and gas companies. PT. Elnusa Tbk. provides 40 years of experience in oil and gas industry with both domestic and international clients. PT. Elnusa Trans Samudra also implements and promotes Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection standards as its principle for a better world.

As a subsidiary of PT. Elnusa Tbk., PT. Elnusa Trans Samudera specifically operates in marine support sector, providing operational support services for companies in offshore energy sector including oil and gas. Marine support services provided by PT. Elnusa Trans Samudera includes operational support services for well testing service, sick line boat and wireline service, snubbing and cementing service, accommodation work barge and seismic survey. The services are supported by 9 highly-qualified: The Elnusa Samudra 1-8 and MV. ELSA REGENT.

In 2017, concomitantly with the company’s growth in developing its business model, PT. Elnusa Trans Samudera plans to expand its marine support business by attempting to penetrate markets outside of oil and gas sector.